Champion of Gaia

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Champion of Gaia, 2022 Kevin Hurtack

Watch Out For Bob!

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Watch Out For Bob!

I did this one back on March at some point, and put a few final touches on it this afternoon. There’s nothing more fun then a campy zombie movie, is there? Nope. Lately, I’ve been watching quite a few zombie movies, both good and bad. Z Nation, Kingdom, Evil Dead, All of Us Are Dead are the standouts. This in part, is what inspired this one. I work for a chemical plant for my day job so that’s why Bob’s hardhat mentions a fictional one.

I did this with some dip pens and brush. It was fun to use the crow and hawk(?) nibs. Great line quality and something Zen about the process.

I wanted the drawing to use foreshortening and lightning to amp the suspense and the viewers eyes. I like how it turned out. A very fun piece to do.

Saturday Sketch Day: Void Dweller II

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Void Dweller II Kevin Hurtack 2022

A quick one inspired by jellyfish, mushrooms, and Cthulhu. India ink on mixed media paper. It was fun to create the various textures and like the way the hatching worked on the darker areas.

Back to the Drawing Board: Queen of Nightmares #02


Here’s an update on the progress I’ve made on my latest drawing, Queen of Nightmares. A bit of stipling with Rapidograph pens and some fountain pen inking. She’s coming along nicely.

A Dreamer’s Passport (And Other Projects)

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I recently finished up my contribution to the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project. I spent about every weekend for the past month working on it, and I’m pleased with the final results.

Rather than doing random sketches, I decided to create a fictional journal that tells the narrative a man searching for his friend Bill, who’s apparently vanished. The tale begins with the narrator taking on the search for his best friend, after the local authorities have given up due to a lack of clues. The narrator ends up finding the sketch book in Bill’s trailer and discovers that it holds some secrets about Bill’s fate. While unraveling the mystery around Bill, the narrator begins to suffer from a lack of sleep and begins to question his own sanity the further he delves into the sketch book. In the end he finds the truth about Bill, and the sketch book. But the truth can be a horrible thing, and the toll it takes on the narrator is a heavy one.

The story was influenced by H.P. Lovecraft, and Phillip K. Dick. In a lot of ways it was pretty heavily influenced by Dick’s novel V.A.L.I.S. If you’ve ever read that one in particular, you’ll know what kind of head trip it is. That’s the kind of style I had in mind as I wrote it. Although it is a narrative, it leaves loose ends on purpose to spark the reader’s imagination and the narrative style slides into frantic madness.

I purposefully smudged and stained the pages with ink and sponge as well as dog-eared pages and wrinkled them in order to create the look and feel of a raggedy/weathered sketch book, since the narrator states that he found it amongst a pile of trash in Bill’s trailer.

The images I posted are only a sample of the actual sketch book which is about 24 pages. I intend on making higher resolution scans for myself and then mailing it back to the Brooklyn Art Library. Once it’s received it’ll be added to their collection, and available to the public. It’ll also be digitized on their website.

Meanwhile at the Drawing Table…

A few weeks ago I was approached by my good friend Tom Adams to do the cover art for his latest novella Going Down. I’m a long time fan of Tom’s writing, so I was glad to have a chance to work with him. What I like best about Tom’s fiction is that regardless to the genre (horror, fantasy, sci-fi) Tom excels at creating believable characters that either love or hate, and dialogue that is realistic and distinct that propels the plot. He also adept at giving backstory without bogging down the plot with cumbersome exposition.

Going Down is a horror story set on a college campus and features a group of friends who become trapped on an elevator in their residence hall. Adding to the terror of being in such a precarious situation is the fact that their fate is the design of a mad man. If that were not bad enough, something else is lurking on top of the elevator, and is hell bent on getting inside.

Going Down is scheduled to be out later this Spring.

It has been a lot of fun to collaborate with Tom during the early stages of the cover art. He had some great ideas, but allowed me some creative license and we ended up with a killer idea for the final art. I’m currently working on the final version now, and look forward to sharing it with you.

If you like horror, fantasy, and sci-fi, then I encourage you to check out Tom’s website where you can find out more about his fiction. He’s also a great book reviewer as well : Writing In Starlight

Beauty is skin deep…


A quick lunch break sketch at the day job  With Copic multiliners.

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Even Death May Die…

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Played around with some video editing software this morning and made this quick video featuring some of my artwork for fun. Back when I was in college I took a video production class as an elective. This was back in the early 1990’s when video cameras were the size of brief cases and used VHS tapes. Just writing that makes me feel old. It was a fun class, and learned how to edit in an actual editing suite. Still remember a bit but it’s much easier/quicker doing it on my laptop.

Deep Down (New Art/Poetry)

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Deep Down



deep down

below the ground

the Eldritch lay

like forgotten gods

in their antediluvian tombs

calling out to mankind

across aeons of dust & grime

of fortunes untold

luring men fearless & bold

to their doom

in the eternal darkness and cold

Happy Halloween from ‘Eldritch Farms’

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DSCF0541 (2)

Happy Halloween, to those of you who celebrate it like me. I finished up this drawing yesterday. It came about after my family and I went to a local garden center and bought some pumpkins for making Jack-o-Lanterns. A few days later a local squirrel got the notion that gnawing on them was a good idea. We ended up putting them inside, until Halloween night. But that incident got my imagination going and during my lunch break at work one day I did a sketch which turned into this pen and brush ink drawing.

However you celebrate Halloween this year, be wary of strange farms …

New Art: Witch Bane

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Witch Bane

I finished this one up the other weekend, but I decided to let it sit for a week or so before scanning it. I am happy with the way it turned out. It’s a slight departure for me, doing something more in the fantasy, albeit dark fantasy, genre. It also combines pen and ink drawing with more of a painterly style in the background with gouache.

The cracked moon in the background is something that seems familiar to me, but I cannot quite place it. Perhaps its derived from Dungeons & Dragons game campaign or setting or something I saw on Netflix. Or maybe it’s just the creation of my own imagination. Either way I like the idea of a broken moon and the ruins.

I have some ideas for the world that Witch Bane inhabits, and hope to develop them over time through various media – visual and written. Not sure what’ll become of it all, but I’m having fun with and that’s the most important part for me.

You can view Witch Bane, along with my other work in my horror, and fantasy portfolios by going to my Home page and clicking on either thumbnail.

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out.