Gray Matter?

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I picked up a pack of Sakura Micron’s new Light Gray & Cool Gray fineliner. Still playing around but I like the effect created by overlaying the darker gray over the light gray in particular. Adding details this way along with black line work could be fun.

Sentinel Of The Dead City

artwork, Imagination, monsters, weird..., zombies

When I was a kid I used to read a lot of Chose Your Own Adventure books, as well as the knock-offs. Beside the ability to makes choices in the story and multiple endings, the thing that stood out to me was the illustrations, often black and white ink drawings. In particular, the Dungeons and Dragons variety of those books had some great ones that still stick with me after some 30 years later.

That’s in part what influenced this drawing. I also was interested in drawing in a shape/frame that wasn’t simply rectangular like usual. Something that had an almost architectural form to it. I think it turned out well, and using a Helix circle maker and a straight edge made the process pretty simple. It’s something I may play around with in the future, irregular formats.

The only issue I had with having all this white space around the image was trying not to smudge ink or pencil on it. It scanned well enough that the residual smudges don’t show up, and I managed to clean up the actual paper so it’s not that bad. However, I’ve found a method to prevent smudging in the future by using an artist’s bridge or hand rest. It’s just a matter of getting into the habit of using it regularly.

Sentinel Of The Dead City was drawn mostly with my PenBBS 456 fountain pen, my Noodler’s Ink Ahab fountain pen, some Micron fine liners and brush. I used a combination of Speedball’s Super Black India ink and Noodler Ink’s Heart of Darkness. Both of which are excellent for their opacity and relatively fast drying times. In some ways I like Heart of Darkness a bit more, because it tends to dry more matte. I also used Deleter White 2 ink for some of the line work in the water and elsewhere. I’ve come to prefer it over Zig Cartoonists’ White ink, because of its viscosity and opaqueness, despite the mild odor.

I think that the hatching in the background worked well for an atmospheric quality to the land and buildings. That was done with some Sakura Pigment Micron fine liner pens, which I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit, especially for hairline stuff and stippling. They’re much more comfortable to draw with than the Copic fine liners I have, which feel too short in my hand.

Sentinel Of The Dead City is the first of a series of drawing, etc that I’m calling Knights of Raal. It’s my own fantasy world, albeit dark. It’s a bit of a departure from my typical stuff, but not too far out of the shadows.

The meaning of the drawing? It is more about capturing a mood/atmosphere that hopefully sparks your own imagination. If you’re looking for social/political/gender commentary or statements in art, you’re in the wrong place, but I hope you enjoy it regarless – I know I do.