Sketch o’ the day: Eye Got Mi-Eye On You.

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Sketch of the day

Brothers Should Be Close… (Saturday Sketch Day)

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The early stage ...

Pardon The Interruption

artwork, cosmic horror, horror, Imagination, monsters, weird...
Pardon the Interruption ...

Book Worm – a short comic

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Book Worm, page one/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page two/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page three/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page 4/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page five/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page six/Kevin Hurtack 2022

Book Worm is a short one-shot comic of the Weird Fiction genre. The idea came about from the fact that my wife is constantly ordering household goods via Amazon or elsewhere and we have packages showing up at odd moments of the day, and occasionally the waning hours of the early morning/night. It is also came about from my reading history of weird fiction and episodes of Twilight Zone and such.

My intentions are to build up a short collection of short comics all set within the same ‘world’ and then take on a longer format, probably a two-shot comic of about 40+ pages within the same ‘world’. Doing shorter comics like this not only helps me develop world-building ideas, but also the process of laying out a page and etc that goes into a comic.

I’ve started another that’ll be added to this collection, but with three young kids at home my supposed free time is quite limited to the early morning on weekends.

All of the art and lettering was drawn the old fashioned way. The only digital work was some tidying up of stray pencil lines and such.

Champion of Gaia

artwork, fantasy, Imagination, monsters
Champion of Gaia, 2022 Kevin Hurtack

Daylight Won’t Save You Now, Fool!(new art).

artwork, horror, Imagination, monsters, Sketchbook, weird...

Experiment with Japanese watercolor, Dr. Ph Martin watercolor and India ink/pen.

The creature was primarily done in this Japanese watercolor that is called something like shadow set. The colors are black with a tint of color which creates a subdued hue depending on the ratio of water used. The Dr Ph Martin watercolor is super pigmented to create some vibrant hues even when diluting with water.

Using color was an interesting challenge. The limited pallet was on purpose. I did this on heavy weight paper, it worked out well even when I dumped watercolor on it to excess.

I like the contrast between the watercolor and also the idea that this abomination is out in broad daylight rather than waiting for night. I think it makes it more terrifying and bizarre.

Everytime I close my eyes (I see your face)

artwork, cosmic horror, horror, Imagination, monsters, Sketchbook, weird...
Everytime I close my eyes (I see your face).

Abstraction of Self (Or How To Lose Yr Humanity)

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Ever since I started drawing as a kid, and more so during my time spent in academia, the human form has been practically omnipresent in whatever I created. Even though art class in high school put emphasis on drawing mind numbing still life scenarios to teach perspective, shading, etc, (which is necessary but tedious at best), the human form was the upper echelon of anyone daring (or crazy) enough to pick up a pencil or brush.

During my college years I took numerous life drawing classes and even had an artist model pose in my painting classses,) Capturing the human form was the ultimate goal, not just for myself but for the vast majority of living artists (they do exist, trust me) and the curmudgeons of Art history, (dead artists don’t need your money, fyi).

But as I exit my forties and creep closer to my fifties, I find myself not as interested in the human form all that much. Not even the abstraction of such, a la Picasso or some such.

Instead, the abstract representation of emotions, mainly fear or dread or some other ineffable eldritch experience is what percolates in my imagination. It’s something I’ve experimented with in my sketchbook and continue to do so. Expressing something as human as emotions, without any sign of the human form is an interesting challenge.

That doesn’t mean I’ll never scrawl another human form, or a distortion of such things ever again. However, as a creative person the “abstraction of self” provides me with something to aspire to rather than retread the conventional subject of Art.

Sentinel Of The Dead City

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When I was a kid I used to read a lot of Chose Your Own Adventure books, as well as the knock-offs. Beside the ability to makes choices in the story and multiple endings, the thing that stood out to me was the illustrations, often black and white ink drawings. In particular, the Dungeons and Dragons variety of those books had some great ones that still stick with me after some 30 years later.

That’s in part what influenced this drawing. I also was interested in drawing in a shape/frame that wasn’t simply rectangular like usual. Something that had an almost architectural form to it. I think it turned out well, and using a Helix circle maker and a straight edge made the process pretty simple. It’s something I may play around with in the future, irregular formats.

The only issue I had with having all this white space around the image was trying not to smudge ink or pencil on it. It scanned well enough that the residual smudges don’t show up, and I managed to clean up the actual paper so it’s not that bad. However, I’ve found a method to prevent smudging in the future by using an artist’s bridge or hand rest. It’s just a matter of getting into the habit of using it regularly.

Sentinel Of The Dead City was drawn mostly with my PenBBS 456 fountain pen, my Noodler’s Ink Ahab fountain pen, some Micron fine liners and brush. I used a combination of Speedball’s Super Black India ink and Noodler Ink’s Heart of Darkness. Both of which are excellent for their opacity and relatively fast drying times. In some ways I like Heart of Darkness a bit more, because it tends to dry more matte. I also used Deleter White 2 ink for some of the line work in the water and elsewhere. I’ve come to prefer it over Zig Cartoonists’ White ink, because of its viscosity and opaqueness, despite the mild odor.

I think that the hatching in the background worked well for an atmospheric quality to the land and buildings. That was done with some Sakura Pigment Micron fine liner pens, which I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit, especially for hairline stuff and stippling. They’re much more comfortable to draw with than the Copic fine liners I have, which feel too short in my hand.

Sentinel Of The Dead City is the first of a series of drawing, etc that I’m calling Knights of Raal. It’s my own fantasy world, albeit dark. It’s a bit of a departure from my typical stuff, but not too far out of the shadows.

The meaning of the drawing? It is more about capturing a mood/atmosphere that hopefully sparks your own imagination. If you’re looking for social/political/gender commentary or statements in art, you’re in the wrong place, but I hope you enjoy it regarless – I know I do.

Well … Well? Well!

artwork, cosmic horror, horror, Imagination, monsters, weird fiction, weird...

Over the weekend I made this ink well/jar out of an old spice jar, paper clay, & gouache paint. I wanted something that looked old (ancient?) and dirty and sinister. Something dug out of an antediluvian crypt or some eldritch cultists basement. I’m happy with the final results.