Book Worm – a short comic

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Book Worm, page one/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page two/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page three/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page 4/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page five/Kevin Hurtack 2022
Book Worm, page six/Kevin Hurtack 2022

Book Worm is a short one-shot comic of the Weird Fiction genre. The idea came about from the fact that my wife is constantly ordering household goods via Amazon or elsewhere and we have packages showing up at odd moments of the day, and occasionally the waning hours of the early morning/night. It is also came about from my reading history of weird fiction and episodes of Twilight Zone and such.

My intentions are to build up a short collection of short comics all set within the same ‘world’ and then take on a longer format, probably a two-shot comic of about 40+ pages within the same ‘world’. Doing shorter comics like this not only helps me develop world-building ideas, but also the process of laying out a page and etc that goes into a comic.

I’ve started another that’ll be added to this collection, but with three young kids at home my supposed free time is quite limited to the early morning on weekends.

All of the art and lettering was drawn the old fashioned way. The only digital work was some tidying up of stray pencil lines and such.


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