Abstraction of Self (Or How To Lose Yr Humanity)

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Ever since I started drawing as a kid, and more so during my time spent in academia, the human form has been practically omnipresent in whatever I created. Even though art class in high school put emphasis on drawing mind numbing still life scenarios to teach perspective, shading, etc, (which is necessary but tedious at best), the human form was the upper echelon of anyone daring (or crazy) enough to pick up a pencil or brush.

During my college years I took numerous life drawing classes and even had an artist model pose in my painting classses,) Capturing the human form was the ultimate goal, not just for myself but for the vast majority of living artists (they do exist, trust me) and the curmudgeons of Art history, (dead artists don’t need your money, fyi).

But as I exit my forties and creep closer to my fifties, I find myself not as interested in the human form all that much. Not even the abstraction of such, a la Picasso or some such.

Instead, the abstract representation of emotions, mainly fear or dread or some other ineffable eldritch experience is what percolates in my imagination. It’s something I’ve experimented with in my sketchbook and continue to do so. Expressing something as human as emotions, without any sign of the human form is an interesting challenge.

That doesn’t mean I’ll never scrawl another human form, or a distortion of such things ever again. However, as a creative person the “abstraction of self” provides me with something to aspire to rather than retread the conventional subject of Art.

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