Kvlt Life by Ovter God

Kvlt Life (Cult Life) by Outer God (Outer God) is a terrific mashup of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos and the synth pop/dark wave of the 1980’s.

That being said, Ovter God’s debut ep does not simply rely upon gimmicks nor are they merely trying to cash in on the retro craze. Each track is well crafted with a solid hook of up tempo industrial/synth rock featuring a duo of vocalists that have their own distinct style. The use of spoken word intros to the first track, ‘Unamable’ and the final song ‘A Moment’ is well done to achieve the cosmic horror of Lovecraft’s mythos. I liked the fact that they chose not to use quotations in every track, which would have become tiresome.  ‘Unamable’ and ‘Unruhe’ tend to be the most heavily influenced Lovecraft songs, while the remainder delve into more ethereal topics.

Musically, Kvlt Life masterfully incorporates quirky chords and creepy strains with retro-ish drum machines and guitars to weave a unique and memorable sound.  There is no denying the influence of the 1980’s New Wave and perhaps even Dark Wave, but Ovter God’s musical style stands on its own. Despite the ‘dark’ lyrics and sound, there’s a definte pop hook to each one that quickly grabs my attention and holds it.

Ovter God has put out a strong debut, each track is catchy and quirky, and I look forward to hearing more of their music in the future. I would recommend them to you if you enjoy synth/retro music with hints of industrial rock that’s influenced by Lovecraft and the horror subgenre.



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