No Evil (See, Hear, Speak)

No Evil (See, Hear, Speak) Kevin Hurtack 2017

Things have been rather hectic on the homefront lately, mainly home repairs a la plumbing issues of various kinds. On top of working full time and raising two kids I haven’t been on the interwebs much. Can’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing, though. I find myself spending less time on ‘social’ media these days and wasting time idly browsing online. Whether it’s cause of the current political bullshit spewing from DC here in the ‘States’, or the general climate of society as whole with its ‘Me! Me! Me!’ mentality. Regardless of the reasons I’ve been doing a lot more sketching, even if only during a brief break at work. I think I have more ideas than time these days, but that’s okay. I think the key is to keep the creativity flowing.

Anways, this here is a small piece I did on smooth Bristol with a School nib pen and a Crow quill nib with Speedball Super Black india ink. Gotta say I’m liking that ink a lot and those pen nibs. I also used gouache and a little bit of watercolor on the background. I am happy with the way it turned out. I recently upgraded my brushes to Winsor&Newton’s Cotman line which are quite wonderful to work with and I was lucky to get them during a sale so they didn’t break the bank.

It’s my spin on the old cliche of ‘speak no evil….etc…etc’, as well as another excuse to render yet another wormy creature writhing through the skulls. Apparently that kind of creature is my latest fixation artistically. Worms are creepy in all their forms and I find them a wonderful source of inspiration.



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