Book Review: Coffin Dodgers



Tom G.H. Adams manages to throw a lot into this novella, (dinosaurs, extreme sports, old love interests, psychopaths) but what really kept me reading was his ability to develop his characters. In particular, the character Eden stood out the strongest to me and the relationships that she had with the other characters and how that effects things once she and the rest of the characters are put in danger.

Adams has a knack for action scenes and description, but his writing really shines when he delves in to the psyche of Eden and the other characters. It’s the psychological impact of being hunted and the internal conflict Eden faces when some of her fellow competitors fall behind that really grab my attention. Its one thing to be on your own and hunted, but another when you see your friends fall beside you. The conflict of self preservation versus friendship is a good one and Adams makes the most of it. Its particularly interesting how Eden’s fiance and their relationship starts off at the beginning of the story and how the dangers they face has an impact on it. In particular its interesting how much her fiance seems to change over the course of the story.

Once I got past the first chapter I found the pace of the plot to be pretty brisk and entertaining. Adams seems to know how to handle a plot and keeps it from being too fast as well as dragging. Overall, it is a suspenseful read with some elements of horror but nothing to graphic in the descriptions.

The only fault I really found about this novella was that early on Adams throws a lot of characters and names at the reader and they remain nothing more than that – just names. I really didn’t feel anything for certain characters deaths because I knew nothing about them from the actual story. I think he could’ve cut out some of the extra characters without hurting the plot. That being said Adams’ does an excellent job developing his main characters and I did come to care about Eden and her friends.

Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot. I enjoy spending time outdoors doing mountain biking, camping, etc, and have been a long time sci-fi fan so it combined those two things with a thrilling survival/chase story line that kept me turning the pages. I would recommend this novella to sci-fi/adventure fans, you won’t be dissapointed.

Coffin Dodgers by Tom G.H. Adams is available via Amazon both as an eBook and paperback. Click HERE to check it out


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