Gonna Party Like It’s 1924 …

The original party monster…



Toward the end of last year I learned about a new letter written by H.P. Lovecraft to the editor of the legendary Weird Tales magazine back in 1924 courtesy of lovecraftzine.com Honestly, I’m generally not interested in reading letters from any author/artist/etc. But I gave this one I brief once over and I picked up on a couple things that I thought was rather interesting about good old H.P.  The first thing is that at some point he mentions that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I found that fascinating because I always pictured him as a stodgy Anglophile. It was even more fascinating and rather refreshing to read this because I don’t know how many aspiring authors I know out there that take their stuff way too seriously. As if it were manna from heaven or Asimov or Tolkien. People like that annoy the hell out of me. So, it was great to see that Lovecraft did not fall into that category.

Another point that Lovecraft mentioned in the letter was that he enjoyed the rather comedic horror piece that appeared alongside one of his own. Again, this kind of goes against the brooding darkness that most people have of H.P. and makes him much more human and relate able to me.

He also goes on to talk about the lack of interest in the Weird genre by the main stream reader and a lot of his concerns about it is still sadly relevant today.

If you’re interested in checking out the letter and some very good insight into it click the link below.

A 5,000 word letter written by H.P. Lovecraft has been found by a PhD student from London. Click the link to read the letter.

Source: New H.P. Lovecraft letter found!

Along with the newly discovered letter I found out about a short Lovecraft inspired movie called ‘Escape from Midwich Valley’. The film makers were inspired by Lovecraft’s short story, ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It had great production values, good physical special effects/makeup effects and managed to tell a good story with no dialogue and in about 8 minutes.  The only thing that bothered me was the choice of the music that played throughout. I could’ve done without it, but it doesn’t ruin the movie for me. There’s one scene that uses CGI instead of physical special effects and it did seem out of place. But, it is still an entertaining little movie, especially if you’re a fan of Lovecraft’s mythos. I encourage to you to check it out below.


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