A long time ago in a polybag far far away…




Last Sunday I watched the 60 Minutes feature on J.J. Abrams and the making of the new Star Wars movie. At one point he said that the Star Wars movies/franchise were like a religion for some people. I’d say that that’s a fair comparison. I know several friends throughout my college years and beyond that are borderline obsessive with Star Wars. I actually knew someone that had the dialogue lines from the original trilogy memorized along with the ability to hum/whistle the soundtracks in the proper order. Yeah … I wish I was making that up but it was true.

After watching the 60 Minutes piece I got to thinking about the whole collector/fan boy psyche. To be honest I never really got into collecting stuff or being an uber fan boy about any movie/book/show. Yeah, I’m a fan of certain authors like Lovecraft, Clive Barker, and etc. I like Terrentino and del Torro as directors for the most part. But I’ve never been obsessive about it. I’d be hard pressed to quote any of them, but I still enjoy their work.



The whole mentality of a collector/fan boy is beyond me. I’ve never had the desire to know every little thing about any book/movie nor its creator. I’ve never spent hours nit-picking the hell out of a movie trailer or the plot or back story of a minor character. My paycheck isn’t spent on paraphernalia or props or ‘rare’ items from any movie/TV series.

Maybe there’s something wrong with me, maybe I should be giddy with excitement over the new Star Wars or go to conventions and pay for VIP tickets so I can get autographs of obscure B-movie actors. Or maybe I should be like my former boss and spend an obscene amount of money on limited editions of novels by my favorite author and not read them. Instead I would just place them on a shelf still in their shrink wrap.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t. Rent’s due in a couple weeks …

There’s nothing wrong with being an obsessive collector/fan boy. I just don’t get it.

I’m far more invested in my own creative works and imagination. I’d rather spend hours creating and brain storming than being a spectator. I get more excited and filled with anticipation over my own story lines and themes/ideas then I have over any thing else coming to the theaters.

Maybe that makes me my own obsessive fan boy?

I’m not saying that I think I’m better than King or Abrams or whoever. I just find it more rewarding to use my own imagination like a compass to chart the wilderness of my creativity rather than walk the well worn paths of other writers/directors/artists.


2 thoughts on “A long time ago in a polybag far far away…

  1. I’m pretty nerdy about certain things – LOTR, guitars, rock music etc. but I’ve never been a great collector of memorabilia. Probably because, like you, I dwell in my imagination and prefer to have my own images, songs and feelings about these things rather than have a toy manufacturer or similar dictate them to me. So, yes I’ll be going to see the Star Wars film, but I’ll be enjoying it (hopefully) as a film in its own right rather than if it ticks every nerd box.

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    • Yeah, I’ll see it eventually, too. The closest I ever became to ‘collecting’ was when I was a teen and read comics. X-Men mostly. But my copies were well used once I read them over and I bought back issues for the stories not as a ‘investment’.


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