Goat-man is the worst upstairs neighbor …ever

So, this morning I spotted the trending topic of ‘Goat-man’. This immediately captured my curiosity. It’s not every day you read a headline like that one. It seems that there’s been increased sightings of the creature Goat-man in the Maryland area. Goat-man is supposedly based either on a Native American legend of a shape-shifter or the result of an experiment with goats (insert joke here) back in the 1950s. Either way it is both bizarre and hilarious. Especially when you see some of the photographs of it.


I think the most terrifying thing about the photo is how bad the Photoshopping is. I also find it interesting that despite all our high tech gadgets we can’t get a good photo/video and we can’t manage to locate this thing, if it actually did exist, with a drone or something or game trail cam. Seems like there’s always something wrong with the footage or shot. Like the battery is dieing or the critter’s too far away or etc.

Earlier this fall I was in the Maryland/DC area. I have to say compared to where I live out West the Maryland area is very overdeveloped. I don’t see how a thing like this would avoid detection these days. Its environment would definitely be shrinking.

It also intrigues me that despite the fact we’re in the 21st century a lot of people still buying into myths/legends being real. But I suppose adolescence and alcohol play a big part in it, too. I guess irrational fear of things in the dark isn’t something we’ve outgrown as a society. These days instead of telling tales over the camp fire or a pint of ale at the local inn we do it online.

Here is the Wikipedia article about Goat-man.




2 thoughts on “Goat-man is the worst upstairs neighbor …ever

  1. Fascinating stuff. I guess a sure sign that goat-man has been in your backyard is if there are half-chewed remnants of drying undergarments littered around your washing line.

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