Free Ebook: A Lurker Among The Dead

My short story A Lurker Among The Dead is available for free at Amazon in ebook format right now and will remain so until December 1st. So, if you’re looking for some short horror reading this weekend go on and give it a shot.

Missing Corpses. A stranger lurking outside the morgue. Bizarre symbols scrawled in blood.

The remote mining town of Silvervalle has seen its share of trouble, but no one ever imagined a body snatcher would come to the Colorado territory. It’s up to the hard-nosed Civil War veteran Sheriff Sean Callahan and the steadfast Deputy Washington to sort through the macabre clues.
Who is the body snatcher? What is his motive for these ghastly crimes? Through the dusty streets and frigid Rocky mountains, Sheriff Callahan and Deputy Washington will stop at nothing to find their man. But will the trail of clues lead them to the body snatcher or will he slip away like a fleeting shadow?
A Lurker Among The Dead is the first story in a planned series of tales featuring Sheriff Sean Callahan the sheriff of Raven County, Colorado.

Now available on Amazon!



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