A Trip Down Bloody Memory Lane

First off, Happy Halloween. For me one of my earliest memories of Halloween goes back to when I was in elementary school. Like most American school kids we all dressed up as our favorite comic book heroes or traditional Halloween characters and that day was generally a fun one. But what still sticks with me to this day, some forty years later, is the fact that the school janitor and a few other the other male teachers at school took upon themselves to scare the ever living shit out of us. They did this by waiting until the festivities were in full swing and storming into the class room or cafeteria while wearing rubber monster masks and raggedy costumes. The end result was a bunch of little kids going bat shit crazy and screaming. Of course their reign of terror was shortly lived, but that rush of andrenaline and fleeting sense of ‘oh shit’ left a lasting impression on me. Perhaps its what drew me to horror, or at least contributed to it. That terrifying expereince in what normally was a safe environment. I doubt they’d let the school get a way with something like this today, but I’m glad that they did it back then.

Regardless of how you spend your Halloween this year, have a fun and safe one.


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