On The Dark Side of the Street

This was originally posted over at Thy Demons Be Scribblin.

On The Dark Side of the Street

I wander through this labyrinth of rusted steel and broken concrete

aimlessly seeking shelter from the shadows and decay

that stalks my every step like the hounds of an urban Hell.


Ashen clouds smother the sun

casting a dismal twilight on every street

Where I cannot find even a single soul to greet.


Asphalt cratered like the moon under my feet

the pungent stench of the waterfront washing over me.

Giants of industrial might left to succumb to the ravages of rust

towers tumbling from the murky heavens

as if even the Gods have turned a blind eye to this perpetual dark side of the street.


Curious creatures cowering in cobwebbed corners.

Something older then man and beyond my mortal comprehension.

Their hideous howls chill my bones to the marrow

as I scurry through this maze of ruined streets that seem to narrow

amongst the ruins that teeter on the precipice of madness.


The click-clack of their talons

upon the asphalt and cobble

fill my soul full of fright as I stumble through this eternal nightmare

the blistering breath of the curious creatures on my neck

their jagged teeth gnashing at my heels

the inhumane gaze of their bulbous eyes.


Their talons tear through my flesh like bayonets

scraping bone and slicing sinew

screams erupt from my bloody lips

as I descend into an endless spiral of agony and madness.



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