My Picks for a Halloween Move Marathon

Here are my personal picks for a Halloween marathon. If you haven’t seen these and are looking for something to watch to celebrate the season then give ’em a shot. If you’ve seen ’em before, what would you recommend?

#1 House on Haunted Hill (1959). Vincent Price is the fucking man when it comes to old school horror. He gives a brilliantly creepy portrayal of his character and there’s a solid supporting cast. There’s no major gore or top notch special effects but the story and characters make this one worth watching. It’s a piece of horror cinematic history well worth your time.


#2 Pumpkinhead (1988) I fucking love Lance Hendrickson, the dude’s an icon of the horror/sci-fi genere and Pumpkinhead maybe his best work. Plus, Stan Winston and his studio did the special effects. Brilliant creature design. Some great effects, and an interesting story. It’s one of the few stories where I actually had sympathy/compassion for the killer. I also loved the whole curse/backstory. One of my all time faves.


#3 Day of the Dead (1985) Don’t confuse this with the bullshit remake. Fuck that shit. Romero’s Day of the Dead is what I consider his zombie masterpiece. I love the internal conflict between science and military add to the mix the brilliant sfx by Tom Savani and you have a great zombie movie. The movie also features one of my all time favorite one liners. ‘I’m in charge of this monkey farm now, Frankenstein!’ A total dickhead of a villain, Rhodes, that you’ll love to hate and one the more impressive sfx/gore endings that you’ll see. If I could only watch one zombie movie ever, this would be it. This one also features the character Bub and the whole controversy/fanboy rage about intelligent/thinking zombies. Personally, I loved Bub and the ideas he represents. Unfortunately, Romero goes off the rails with this idea in later movies, but in Day of the Dead he hits the sweet spot.


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