What is cheaper?

A box of bullets or a handful of lives?

What is easier to obtain?

A heart full of hate or an open mind?

We gotta a hundred high-def channels

of talking heads

chasing their tails

with rhetoric and propaganda.

9 families got holes in their souls

that’ll never heal.

We bury our heads

in digital sand

and kid ourselves that the scars of 1861

and the ghost of Uncle Tom

are figments of of collective delusions.

What is easier?

Bombing other nations into submission

or battling our own demons?

What is cheaper?

Ignoring the problem or letting it fester and spread?

Who is guilty?

The one with the gun in his hand?

Or the one who stands idly by and changes the TV channel?

We’re all to blame, guilt by dissassocaiton

A callous alienated nation

that mourns in 15 minute intervals

and then repeats it’s self-destructive habits.

Manifest Destiny? Manifest Destruction.

Would it be easier if an Arab pulled the trigger in Charleston?

Or another air plane into a high rise?

No legislation will be a salve to our social wound

that has been left to fester and gangrenous under the stars and stripes.

It’s me who is guilty.

It’s you who is guilty.

The only solution is to break the chains and take off the blinders.

To open your mind and stand up for your brother.

To free your heart and walk beside your sister.

Or are we united in only name?

What is easier?

To keep your head buried and live on your own side of the line?

Or that changing this nation starts with one person at a time?

What is worse?

To let those chains of rhetoric weigh you down and drag you to your grave

Or insist that they do not exist?


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