Summer Camp With Spirit (s)

Earlier this week I came across an article that mentioned that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is looking for people to work and reside in the ghost town of Garnet, Montana. It was a mining town about a hundred years ago and today is a public park that offers tours and such. They need people to give tours, work in the souvenir shop and et cetera for the summer tourist season. If you work there you’re provided with food/shelter and a wage.

And oh yeah… possible encounters with the spirits that supposedly still haunt Garnet!

That’s right this isn’t just a ghost town, but a ‘haunted’ ghost town to boot.

Personally, the idea appeals to me because it combines two of my favorite things, the Old West and the paranormal. I’m a bit of a skeptic but I haven’t rule out the possibility of the supernatural actually being real. I don’t plan on applying for this job, besides other things my wife would kill me, but if it had been available when I was in college I would’ve jumped at the opportunity. How great would it be work there for the summer instead of mowing lawns and cleaning offices (which I did as a college student). At the very least it would prove to be some great source material for writing. Plus, Montana seems like a beautiful area to spend the summer. I’d imagine there’d be some other great outdoors adventures to take part in on your days off.

If you are at all interested in it you can get more info and contact information via this link


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