Hidden Worlds

Last night I watched Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed’ via Netflix.  The movie’s rather dated in a lot of ways but what stands out is the characters and the world he created in it. What really appeals to me is the idea of ‘hidden world’ existing amongst our own banal one. Long story short about ‘Nightbreed’ is that there’s a group of supernatural creatures living under a cemetery in the middle of nowhere. They’ve existed along with us since the dawn of time and have been hunted down to almost extinction. This whole world within our world is a theme that Clive Barker has used a lot in his novels. Everything from Hellraiser to Imajica and etc.  This is the type of fiction that really appeals to me as a reader and a writer. It’s far more interesting then say your run of the mill serial killers/stalkers like Jason or Mike Meyers. Or your cartoonish killers like Freddy. I’ll take the creatures of Midian and Imajica any day.  As I get older I tend to prefer writing like Barker and others that take this approach because I find it more engaging. The idea that our world has hidden pockets to it where the bizarre and mystical and horrific dwell is fantastic.  It’s something that really gets my imagination rolling like nothing else. I think it’s why Barker has had such a profound influence on my own work in some ways.


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