Can You Make Money Doing That? The Value Of An Arts Degree

My wife posted a link to this article about the value of a college degree in the Arts. You can read the article via this link.

I went to college for Art. Mainly I studied Design, until dropping out of that major to pursue Printmaking and Painting. Along the way I studied photography, too. I took some creative writing and music courses too. Definitely not the academic path of a legit money making career, especially by the standards of the 1990’s in which I attended college.

But I’ve managed to avoid being a rail car hopping hobo despite what my peers said at the time. I’m not  earning a six figure income and I’m okay with that. I’ve held jobs in the Arts field from printing to photography to mixing pigments. Jobs in which my Art degrees did give me an advantage over the Joe Six Packs of the  world.

Money and jobs aside I agree with the articles main point in that an education in the Arts is something that makes you a well rounded person.  It also creates critical and creative thinking skills that can be used in a variety of ways in the work place and in personal life.

Although my education doesn’t fit the practical norm, look at how many people out there with degrees in IT or other trendy money makers are working in a job that has nothing to do with their education. There are no guarantees in life and especially when it comes to jobs. I think its more important to pursue the type of education you love and have passion for then to settle for a degree that you go after merely because it may make you money and your parents will approve of.

There’s no shame in working a menial job after earning a degree but what’s important is to continue to put those skills to good use whether in the work place or  during personal time. I’ve worked various jobs but never given up on my writing and  my art. I still do it and will still continue to do so even though I work two jobs, am a father with a young daughter, and am a husband. College isn’t just about earning a piece of paper. It’s about developing who you are as a person and finding your passion and developing the skills to pursue it the rest of your life regardless of a paycheck, cause when all is said and done are you gonna look back at your bank account and evaluate your life’s worth because of it, or are you gonna look back at your experiences and what you gave to the world?


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