Digital Popcorn: Evil Lurks In Innocence

The video I posted above is a short horror film that is part of the HB Film Fest which is taking place online via YouTube. I learned of this particular short film via my friends over at Thy Demons Be Scribblin (which are worthy of your time if you enjoy horror and heavy metal).

Normally, I find movies that use hand-held camera shots to be annoying. It seems like every time it’s done by someone with a case of the shakes. But in ‘Evil Lurks In Innocence’ the hand held shots are tolerable and I didn’t really get bothered by them. The only time they get wild is during a fight scene which makes sense given the circumstances. This scene is rather short as well which helps, too.

Overall, I enjoyed this story a lot. It’s hard to take a trope like exorcism and put a new twist on it but ‘Evil Lurks In Innocence’ manages to do just that.  The story begins with the main character doing a video blog about movies, which is a regular staple on YouTube. What starts off as a typical playfully antagonistic relationship between the main character and his sister rapidly transcends into creepy and bizarre behavior on this sister’s part.  This behavior has negative effects on the family as well which ultimately leads to an exorcism which goes awry.

The acting in the film over all is well done, in particular by Jacob Brooks who plays the main character, Jeremey.  His reactions to what happens to his sister are believable and help carry the movie. I think with a lesser actor the film would’ve fallen flat especially since Jeremy has the lion’s share of dialogue.  The rest of the supporting cast do well in their limited roles.  I felt that Irene Leonard (Mom) and Arthur Hedin (Dad) did a good job conveying the stress/anger/horror of the situation.  Although they had only a few lines their body language and expressions did a superb job at expression a feeling of  anxiety and terror and frustration.  Kimberly Rosewell who plays the sister Kelly, is equally great. There’s a stark contrast between Kelly’s behavior in the first part of the movie compared to how she transforms through the movie. The scene with her in the kitchen is one of those scenes that’s both shocking and disturbing without a single drop of stereotypical gore you’d expect from a horror movie.  It one of those scenes that’ll stick in my memory.  It clearly conveyed that there’s something really fucking wrong with her.

Where the film reveals shines is at the end with the climax of the excorcism. The special effects are quite superb and the shock factor is fantastic.  Although it is the shortest part of the film it is most certainly the most memorable part of it.  That’s not a slight against the rest of the film.

Since it comes in at around seven minutes long, Evil Lurks In Innocence doesn’t tie up all its loose ends or develop the characters as deeply as a feature length film will do.  But that’s not necessarily the purpose of a short film.  Evil Lurks In Innocence is a tightly written, well acted film with good camera work and great special effects on a small budget that any fan of horror should enjoy, and if you like it go on and vote for it!


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