Fuel Injected Temptress


Midnight majesty

the ebony of a starless sky

like the endless ribbon of highway

horsepower roaring like a daemon from the depths of Dante’s dreams

the glow from the dashboard illuminates her face

in an eerie spook show way

her eyes glowing like a cat

her knuckles grip the steering wheel

like a captain of her ship

amplitude saturates the air

slicing the silence like razor blades through flesh

Midnight majesty

the hugging of the curves

she winds through the hills like a serpent

nicotine and gasoline setting a scene of mechanical mystery

she drives a team of mechanical night mares

running down the angels that cross her path

and Oblivion lusting for her in the back seat

pedal to the floor in an attempt to out race Death

oil and blood stains on the floor mats

black nails and blackmail she’s got nothing to lose

Midnight majesty

squeal of tires and laying patches in the cemetery

squeals of her latest willing victim from the locked trunk

tight bonds and tighter leather

Heaven is a rest stop she passed without a second glance

a full tank and an empty soul

she drives through the cities and the hills

she drives from this world to the next.

Originally Published in DeCompositions, 2005


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