Who Ya Gonna Call…

So, the supposed cast of the new Ghostbusters movie was announced today. http://www.vox.com/2015/1/27/7923953/ghostbusters-women-cast

I can still remember when I went to the movie theater with my family to see the original Ghostbusters. I loved it then and I still like it a lot.  I think these days I appreciate it more for the HP Lovecraft influences.  I even used to watch the Ghostbusters cartoon.  I even had the paper and dice role play game.  Yes, I am a dork.

The whole idea of making a new Ghostbusters film could be a lot of fun, as long as it is not a dread ‘reboot’.  I also hope, but doubt, they use phsyscal special effects like the old ones rather then bombarding the screen with CGI.  Stop animation has a quirkiness to it that works well with a supernatural comedy.


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