Guardian Angel With A Six-Gun?


Clint Eastwood is my favorite actor when it comes to Western movies.  My favorite movie of his is Pale Rider, which I recently watched again.  Although I remembered the plot and characters there was something that struck me while I watched it.  There’s a scene early on in the movie where Preacher (Eastwood) is washing up and the camera is behind him and you see a circular pattern of bullet hole scars on his back.  Despite it being Hollywood, and the rest of the movie being rather realistic as far as a Western goes, the scars seem a bit unbelievable that he’d be able to survive that many shots in such a vital area as his upper body.  As the movie proceeds there’s a scene where the leader of the hired guns seems to know a man that matches Preacher’s description but insists that man is dead.

This all got me to wondering if Preacher is not a real man. Perhaps he’s a guardian angel of sorts out to protect the gold miners. Besides the scars from gunshot wounds that’d be  nearly impossible to survive, another  reason why I thought that is because there’s a scene where the character Megan is reading a passage of Scripture referring to the ‘Pale Rider’ in the Bible when Preacher shows up.

Maybe I’m just reading more into it then there really is.  Perhaps the writers didn’t intend for people to get that impression. Even if they did it’s a very minor and subtle subplot to what’s your typical ‘David vs Goliath’ storyline. (Oh no! Another Biblical reference!)

Regardless, I still like that idea of Preacher being something other than a man.


One thought on “Guardian Angel With A Six-Gun?

  1. Clint is my fav when it comes to westerns as well. For me Pale Rider felt like an homage to High Plains Drifter where Clint’s character is really a supernatural being whether you call it a ghost, angel or demon. I grew up on Clint’s “spaghetti” westerns and one of the only films my father will even watch (over and over ad nauseum) is The Outlaw Josie Wales. I’ve seen ‘Wales so many times I can probably quote the whole thing beginning to end.

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