Poetry: Riddles of Madness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(photo by Kevin Hurtack, 2011)

Here’s an H.P. Lovecraft influenced poem that I wrote several years ago…

Riddles Of Madness

Ancient riddles drawn in sand

alluring Man from across the land

pondering hidden messages from beyond

whether they come from above or below

not even the wisdom of the Elders know.

Plots are hatched and packs are made

the Truth is sought with pistol and spade.

Greed grows like the wicked weed in Mankind’s heart

Brother against brother no one is spared

for this ancient knowledge none will share.

In the darkness of alleys and in chambers candle bright

they seek to find the solution to this ineffable puzzle

only to have the Truth elude them like a Mirage.

Yet in the belfry of an archaic monastery one man labors

through the unknown hours of night he delves into ancient lore

desperate to find the knowledge no man has gained before.

Scribing hypothesis upon his own flesh he unravels the conundrum

but as he tugs upon the loose threads of this enigmatic tapestry

he unwillingly undoes our own reality

allowing hideous monstrosities to lurch back into our world

antediluvian gods held captive for aeons by a mad man’s ode

now unleashed to make slaves of humanity.

Ancient riddles drawn in sand

antiquated rhymes that are Mankind’s eulogy

Not the bomb nor disease has brought the end

but our insatiable curiosity for the mysteries

better left to the shadows and ossuaries.

~ Kevin Hurtack, copyright 2014


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