Karmic Reset Button

Suburbia, a terminte mound of concrete and steel.

Interstates clogged with fuel injected lemmings.

The Youth of America, led like cattle into a slaughter house named War

by politicans with greasy smiles and limp handshakes

21st century CRUSADES (did Jesus fill his grail with refined petroleum?)

O Holy gasoline! O Holy Fossil Fuels! O Holy Oil Well!

Bow down to your Idols of Industry in your Temples of Consumerism

The MEDIA foams at the mouth and howls like junkyard dogs

that CAN’T SEE over the fence

& the conspiracy theorist chase their own tails (because their part of the conspiracy too…)

& the LEFT wing and RIGHT wing flap furiously on a headless chicken that dreamt it once soared like an eagle.

Existance began with a bang but God  will snuff it out like a candle melted down

Won’t Buddha come and sweep it under the rug of Time?

Won’t someone hit the Karmic Reset button

on your way out?

Kevin Hurtack 2014


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