Poem: Murder Midnight Blue

(I wrote this one a long time ago, perhaps in 1998 and made a slight change to it at the end recently.  ‘Murder midnight blue’ is just one of those phrases that pops into my head and draws inspiration.  Even after all these years it’s still a great phrase to me.  Like a mantra…)

Murder Midnight Blue


murder midnight blue

creatures creeping through

the empty chambers of your soul


dreams are veils

through which endless possibilities

are revealed


behind closed eyelids

and locked doors

ancient memories take form


murder midnight blue

karma’s a chain binding you

to this antediluvian mentality


fate is a tangled ball of yarn

destiny is a scalpel

free will is an axe


murder midnight blue

your past is a bloated corpse

is your mind a shallow grave or open door?


Copyright 2014 Kevin Hurtack


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