Poltergeist 1982

The other day my friend and fellow writer Fiend Gottes and his fellow blogger Cult had a post up on their blog Thy Demons Be Scribbinlin about horror movies that they saw back in their youth that really influenced them into getting into horror both as viewers and writers.  If you’re a horror fan then their post is worth checking out as well is their entire blog.

Anyways, after reading it I got to thinking about what movie(s) that I saw really stand out from my youth.  I would says Poltergeist stands out to me even though I saw it back in the 1980’s most likely on some late night cable TV channel back when cable TV was the latest and greatest thing around.  The reason that the movie appealed to me then and now that it takes a typical banal setting of suburbia with an equally banal but relatable suburban family and gradually transitions into a supernatural nightmare.  Even something as ordinary as a television set becomes an object of the supernatural.  The whole idea of the supernatural coexisting along side the banal and breaking through to terrorize the characters is something that really took hold of my imagination. There’s a scene at one point in the movie where there’s a tree outside the brother’s window that takes on a horrific visage that stands out in my mind as well.  Not to mention the corpses rising from the ground that’s being dug for a swimming pool.  The idea of taking ordinary objects and places and having them become a source of terror/horror that’s fantastic.  The idea of a supernatural world filled with ghosts and etc all around us waiting for a moment to break through that still appeals to me.  I’m not that into gorehound or slasher movies.  I’ve always preferred the supernatural aspect of horror, and Poltergeist is a movie that definitely captures the supernatural in great form. 


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