The Passing of a Giant: HR Giger

One of the first things I saw today when I got online after work was that HR Giger had passed away at the age of 74.  Reports are that he suffered injuries from a fall.  This one hit me in the gut because while I was in community college and later a four year school, HR Giger was held in reverence and awe in the select artistic pantheon of myself and my cohorts.  Like a lot of people my first encounter with HR was the movie Alien, and the following sequels.  But that was the proverbial tip of the iceberg of Giger’s imagination and talent.  Needless to say I devoured whatever I could find of his work whether it be in a book, or magazine.  A friend in college had his entire room plastered in Giger prints. Giger proved to be a great influence on my own imagination and creativity.  His attention to detail and unique ideas continue to influence me. 

I’m saddened by his passing but I am grateful for the legacy and plethora of artwork that he has left behind that will continue to inspire me and other like minded people. 


Some sample of his artwork:



Bloody Disgusting has a brief write up about his life and passing:




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