Born In Decay

Born In Decay

Born in decay
I’ve found my way
Maggots sing secret songs – ancient lullabies
while I lay in my earthen womb
wisdom of the worms bestowed to me
as they squirm in my withered brain

I’ll make you pay
Hatred has made my black blood boil
As I soil you’re pristine white wedding gowns
while I twist your handsome head around
You’re already rotting before you hit the ground

You’ll rue the day
when you placed those shackles on my feet
called me lower then the mangy curs that roam the street
My vengeance knows no bounds – no mortal coil

Born in decay
I’ll hunt you down – every last one
until you’re just a memory fading into history
nothing more then a blood stain on the floor of eternity

~ Kevin Hurtack copyright 2009


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