I Got The (Gold) Fever

Last night was the debut of the Discovery Channel’s latest series, Gold Fever which is a docu-drama about the so called Gold Rush in California that started in 1849.  Being a huge fan of history, particularly the 19th century, and having recently spent a week out in California’s gold country this show immediately appealed to me.  Not to mention the fact that the novel I’m working on takes place in the same era.  I though that the show was well produced, and written.  Although I’m seriously starting to wonder if Mike Rowe is indentured to Discovery since he not only narrates this but apparently every show on Discovery these days, in between the times he’s not doing a Ford commercial…

Obviously you could spend hours just on one aspect of the era, but I felt Discovery did a fine job covering it overall.  Where the series really shines is setting up the historical heavy hitters involved in the gold rush around San Francisco.  History really isn’t all dates and facts, it’s about the people and their struggles, successes, and failures that makes it appealing as well as valuable.  The combination of reenactments and ‘talking heads’ in the form of contemporary miners and historians is a great way to not only inform but create an engaging story.  Given the lawlessness and greed associated with the gold rush, there’s plenty of drama to take place for the series that’ll make for some great viewing.  

I’m definitely looking forward to the future episodes of Gold Fever.



One thought on “I Got The (Gold) Fever

  1. I too am looking forward to future episodes. I love history and I especially love gold Prospecting/ mining. I thought that it was very well done. It is just amazing what people endured just to get there, and the hard ships they faced in the gold fields.


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