Rejection & The Write Advice

The short story I wrote and submitted to a few magazines has been rejected.  Its rather disheartening to get rejected but I’ve got fairly thick skin.  One editor did give some constructive feedback as to why he didn’t like it, but he did say its all just opinion and there may be another market for it.  Some of his feedback did make sense and caused me to rethink the story.  Currently, I’m working on a slightly alternate verision of it.  Not changing it all, just adjusting somethings about the protagonist, and a bit about the plot.  I think it’ll make for a stronger story.  Eventually, I’ll sending it off to other publishers.  I’m also toying with the idea of simply putting together a short collection of my short fiction and self-publishing it online via Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Both have fairly simple self-publishing tools for ebooks.  It’s not about making money so much as simply getting my work out there to the reader.  At least for now.  The only thing that stinks about self-publishing is the promotion aspect, getting the word out.  It’s a drag, since the whole social media thing seems like wadding through a cesspool.  But that’s what it takes I suppose. 

I’m continuing to work on my novel, and simply enjoy the writing process and not fret about submitting it or what have you.

It’s rather stupifiying the amount of so called writing coaches, and writing advice articles that are out there.  Seems like they’re more prevelant then cockroaches in a NYC slum.  It can be a bit overwhelming, and even contradictory at times, the ‘adivce’ they give out to the aspiring writer in general.  I take it all with a grain of salt, and at some point you just gotta sit down and write.  Forget the ‘rules’ and ‘advice’.  Mark Twain and Hemmingway didn’t have an internet overpopulated with ‘advice’ and they did just fine.  Perhaps that’s the downfall of the 21st century.  Maybe that’s why I started turning off my wifi on my laptop when I write. 


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