Like running with your eyes closed…

This morning I submitted a short story to a publisher.  One that actually pays and has some clout.  Its been a bit since I’ve subbed anything to anyone for anything.  After tweaking and polishing and manipulating verbs and nouns I’m satisfied with the story.  Its something I can be proud of, knowing that its well crafted. That my skills and mechanics as a writer have improved over the years.  That I know longer think ‘Well, this could’ve been better if  I’d done this instead…”  I don’t have that voice anymore, and that’s a good thing.  I wouldn’t call it arrogance, I’d call it confidence.  I know I can always grow as a writer, whether that be in terms of craft or mechanics.  I think that if you’re not growing/learning as a writer or any other type of artist then you are like a pool of stagnate water.

Anyways, I should know in a few days if they want it or not.  Subbing stuff is a lot like running with your eyes closed, you never know what’s gonna happen.


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