The Power and Mystery of a Storm…

Summer equals thunderstorms around here.  I’ve always been enthralled by them.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night while growing up and just staring out the window, listening to the rumbling thunder and watching the lightning light up the woods behind my childhood home.  An ethereal white light, for the briefest of moments.  Like Thor switching on the lights as he goes room to room searching for his missing hammer.  And by Thor I mean the god, not the pissant comic book character.  As I sit here now typing out on balcony, I can see the clouds gathering and surging over the mountains, thunder like a war drum, rumbling.

There’s a lot more lighting out here where I live now, last night when I was working my night job I was up on the third floor in a suite that has a massive wall of windows that give a spectacular view of the surrounding foothills and the expansive sky.  It was quite a sight to behold when bolts of lightning streaked through the ashen sky and billowing thunderheads.  There’s something ominous about the violence of a thunderstorm.  Something that still strikes fear, or dread in us.  Despite our so proclamed position of dominance in the world.  Perhaps that’s why storms have such a prominent role in the horror genre. It defintely sets a atmosphere of danger and dread.  I remember one time several years ago,  I was out hiking in the near bye foothills and a storm rolled in.  I started to head back, too late, and soon found myself in the midst of thunder that cracked like a whip and lightning that lacerated the sky.  At one point a huge clap of thunder roared overhead, load enough to stop my heart for a moment and send a surge of adrenaline through me.  You know those thunder claps that can rattle your house, well it was one of those, only I was outside.  Lets just say I felt the fear and found shelter near.


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