Dr. Sleep Trailer

I came across the trailer for Stephen King’s upcoming novel Dr. Sleep, which is a sequel to King’s novel The Shining.  You can view it here: http://io9.com/stephen-kings-shining-sequel-has-a-trailer-and-its-r-534892522?utm_content=bufferbd851&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer

It’s brief and kinda interesting, I suppose it does spark some interest.  The Danny they refer to is the boy in The Shining and the apparent protagonist of the new novel.  I’m not sure what to make of King writing a sequel to The Shining.  I mean he wrote the original…how long ago?  Seems odd t hat he’s suddenly inspired to write a sequel to it now.  Especially since he’s retired…oh wait…no he’s not…yes, he is….no he’s not.  Clearly, King has the same definition of retirement as Bret Farve…

When I  was a youngster I adored Stephen King.  The first hardcover book I ever bought was Four Past Midnight by King.  I think I was working my first job and had saved the money for it.  King could do no wrong in my mind, for  quite a while. I loved his novels such as  It, The Bachman books, Needful Things, Carrie, and etc.  Eventually, however he lost that magic touch that he once had, at least  in my mind he did.  I think it started with The Cell.  It began okay but the climax and the ending were lackluster.  The ending in particular left me feeling cheated, as if it merely ended cause he ran outta paper.  The book was like a bucket with a hole in the bottom – what starts out with so much promise ends up empty.

He’s done this with some of his short fiction as well, simply ending things with no real resolution.  I don’t have a problem with something being left unresolved, it allows the imagination to spark, but only when it comes to minor characters/story lines.  Not a major character/plot line where you’re left wondering what the hell happened, and not in a good way. Lately, I’ve gotten the impression that King isn’t writing to have fun  but because he wants to be remembered as a significant writer on par with Bradbury or  Asimov.  Perhaps he misses  not being on the Top Ten lists anymore.  Some writers can write their entire lives, while others need to hang it up.  I’m not sure how Dr. Sleep will be, but perhaps King should slow down and not produce novels so hastily these days.  King says that Alzheimer is his worst fear, but I wonder if he also fears being seen as a has been.

King has his place in the pantheon of horror novelists, and his influence and impact on the genre and pop culture is evident.  He’s definitely a reason why I started writing and still do today.  But at some point I think he has to step back and realize that perhaps its time to put down the pen and leave his legacy alone.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Sleep Trailer

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I actually lost interest in King’s work for several years after Bag of Bones which was the 2nd or 3rd in a row that I was less than enthused about. I picked up The Cell on a whim hoping to respark my interest but like you said the ending really left a sour taste in my mouth. On the other hand I read Under the Dome and really enjoyed it. It reminded me of The Stand (one of my favs) only in a small contained area rather than on a massive scale. I don’t want King to stop writing but that said I have no desire to read a sequel to The Shining either. I’d actually like to see him do some collaborations like he did with Peter Straub in The Talisman & Black House. I’m forever grateful to King for inspiring me to read and now to write but like you I’d like to see him do something really original again if he is going to continue writing.


  2. I so disagree. King does amazing writing! He has inspired me in more ways than ever! He should keep it up! Imagine you doing what you do best and some other low grade writer who doesn’t know much about writing comes along and suggest you give up your best work. That low grade writer has no right to tell you what to do, does he? Until you start producing great literary work then, and only then, can you say anything. God! The nerve of some people!


    • “The nerve of some people!” You can’t call my friend a low grade writer then complain about “the nerve of some people”,. It’s his opinion you’re free to have your own. I think Kevin is similar to me in that it was King that sparked our interest in reading leading to writing and we are forever grateful. That said it’s been a very long time since I couldn’t wait to dive into one of his novels. We’re all entitled to our opinions and if you still love what King is putting out in recent years that’s great but don’t start name calling because you disagree, that’s just childish.


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